Bi-Directional One-Way Clutch (MTL)

One-Way Clutch & Bi-Directional One Way Clutches

Carlyle Johnson's MTL is a patented, bi-directional one-way clutch that permits the transmission of torque from the input shaft to the output shaft in either rotational direction. In addition, MTL one-way clutches do not allow the output shaft to backdrive the input shaft in either direction.

Our engineering staff is capable of solving your toughest power transmission challenges. We can alter the design of our MTL bi-directional one-way clutch to meet your needs, or design and produce a completely custom one one-way bi-directional clutch. Contact us to review your needs - we are always just a phone call away.


Features of the Bi-Directional One-Way Clutch

One Way Clutch DiagramCJM's MTL bi-directional one-way clutches are designed for multiple functional requirements, and can be easily integrated with other Carlyle Johnson clutches, brakes or torque limiters. This unit allows components to be combined, producing a lighter, more streamlined design.

For example, by incorporating an MTL bi-directional one-way clutch with a Carlyle Johnson spring applied clutch we can offer braking, torque limiting and manual driving with no backdrive.

Torque Limitor

Another standard option is to incorporate a Carlyle Johnson torque limiter on either the input or output side. A customer would add this on the input side if there was a desire to limit input driving torque. On the output side it would act as a mechanical fuse to allow the constrained component to slip should an excessive load condition occur.

Specs One Way Clutches

Bi-Directional One-Way Clutch Specifications / Dimensions

Model Holding Torque(lb. ft.)


Bolt Size Std. Bore & Shaft Size* Keyway

MTL0350 15 5.25 4.25 4.75 1/4 7/8 3/16 x 3/32 5.52 3.42
MTL0450 60 5.75 4.75 5.25 1/4 1 3/8 1/4 x 1/8 5.60 3.50
MTL0600 180 8.06 6.44 7.31 5/16 1 7/8 3/8 x 3/16 8.48 5.86

*Other bore sizes are available. All dimensions are in inches.
Bi-Directional One-Way Clutch dimensions are for reference only and are subject to change.

Innovative Power Transmission Technology

The Carlyle Johnson Machine Company, L.L.C. has been at the forefront of innovative power transmission technology for over one hundred years. During this time we have leveraged advances in materials and pushed the boundaries of design to create highly efficient and effective solutions, including the Bi-Directional One-Way Clutch (MTL), to fulfill our customers' unique requirements.

Focusing on new applications with ever-changing power transmission needs, we remain at the leading edge with new innovations requiring advanced R&D, testing and prototype development.

Our engineering staff is capable of solving your toughest power transmission challenges. We are always just a phone call away.

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Overview - MTL One-Way Clutches



  • Torque range 15 lb. ft.- 120 lb. ft.
  • Unique friction disc/ball ramp design establishes locking torque
  • Smooth rotation at the driving end regardless of the direction of the load
  • Self-locking


  • Optional ability to set a firm slip point
  • Custom designs and alterations available
  • Available with integral spring applied clutch
  • Available with integral input or output torque limiter

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